Visual Arts of Asia

Asia is a land filled with wonders. It is a large and vast area that is overflowed with richness. It is a continent rich in history, culture, traditions, and arts. With the wide space and area it covers, it is no wonder Asia is so wealthy in all these things. Each area has their own special and uniques stamp on them. With different people owning different arts, the land of Asia is packed with the wonderful, incredible, magnificent, and amazing arts. With all the different types of arts there are out there, in this article, we would like to focus on visual arts. Visual arts is the study and creation of beauty that relates to our visual senses, which are our eyes. Here are some visual arts from different parts of Asia that you should know about:

East Asia

east asian artIn East Asia, we will be discussing the visual arts of Japan, China, and Korea. In Japan, there are lots of evolving arts. Some of them that you should take note is Japanese calligraphy, Nihonga, as well as fusion Ikebana sculpture from Japan. Regarding China, it is rich with different traditional and contemporary pieces. There are a lot of beautiful Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese ceramics, as well as Chinese sculptures from jade. When it comes to Korean, its art is known for incorporating Korean traditions in calligraphy, pottery, sculpture, painting, and others. Its work is usually marked with the utilization of natural forms, bold colors, surface decoration, as well as precise shape and scale.

South Asia

When it comes to South Asia, let’s discuss the visual arts of India and Nepal. In India, there is a popular art form called Rangoli, which is a type of sandpainting which uses white powder and other colors. Its visual arts, which includes sculptures, paintings, and architecture are tightly correlated with other arts. They evolve in their respective media. However, they share the same spiritual beliefs and procedures where relationships of the spiritual states and symbols are worked out specifically and in detail. In Nepal, it enforces the refined and traditional Kathmandu culture, which is a meeting of the ethos of the Hindu and Buddhist. Highly religious people mostly practice it. It has also embraced the cultural diversity of other religions.

South East Asia

south east asian artWhen it comes to South East Asian traditional visual arts, each of them is tightly linked to their tradition and history. When we talk about South East Asia, we will be discussing Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. When it comes to Thailand, it is most famous for their architecture and sculptures. It is mostly traditional Buddhist and Royal art. When it comes to Indonesia, there is an array of various arts since it is very rich. Each part of Indonesia has their distinct art form from woodworking, sculptures, paintings, and architecture. When it comes to Vietnam, there are lots of artforms. However, the most famous one is its Vietnamese calligraphy.