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Selecting the Right Record Player

The right record player is one of the greatest additions that you could add to your home. Since there are lots of record players out there, it is important to carefully make a selection so that you choose the correct one. Understanding the different parts of a record player could help you make the right choice as far as the record player is concerned. This article explores the different things to look out for when you are selecting the right record player.


cost You need to have a budget before you embark on selecting the right recording equipment. Having a budget will help you manage your finances well since there are different types of record players which have different pricing.

One way of ensuring that you plan accordingly as far as the cost is concerned is by researching on the various record players. Use the internet to check for the market prices of the different record players so that the unscrupulous sellers do not exploit you because of your ignorance.

Automatic or manual

There are two types of record players: the automatic ones and the manual ones. The automatic models are the newer models are relative, the easier model to operate as compared to the manual ones. However, many people prefer the manual ones because it gives them the real experience of recording as they can physically execute some of the tasks. During the recording process, the tonearm is moved while the needle is placed on the record.


The signal that is usually produced by the record player is typically weak and has to be amplified before being fed in a speaker. This is where the preamp comes into focus. As for the preamp, it can either be an external one or an internal one. An internal preamp is inbuilt into the record player. Most of the automatic record players come with the internal preamp whereas the manual ones do not have the preamp which calls for the use of the external ones.

Direct or belt drive

belt drive This issue has split the opinion of the various users’ right in the middle. There are those who love the direct drive whereas there are those who love the belt drive. However, the record players that use a combination of the two produce great sounds. Such record players are usually costlier than those with a single drive. Watch the video below for the best tips when selecting the right record player.