Musical instruments: A guide

To imagine a life without music is a hard thing to do. Music is an escape from our mundane life. We human beings often find ourselves in a state where we are only left with music to vent to. The different kinds of music we enjoy are only possible due to musicians and musical instruments. While playing any kind of musical instrument is not an easy thing to do, choosing one isn’t easy too.

From what researchers have analyzed a lot of times, it can be concluded that playing a musical instrument can help in alleviating stress by lowering down the stress hormone in our body. Enjoying music is good, but learning an instrument can bring about a lot of change in your life. It is never too late to start learning. With a proper training and a good instrument, one can master the art. The first thing to do before starting to learn an instrument is to find the right instrument for you. The Internet is where you can look for all kinds of reviews. There are websites that collect the reviews and data from various sources and put it together to help you choose your perfect musical instrument.

The right musical instrument

Whether you are a beginner in the musical field or an experienced musician in some band, choosing the right musical instrument is always difficult. You can go through an overwhelming lot of instruments yourself, shortlist the ones you think are the most suitable, and then read a compilation of reviews of those brands from the Internet.



For every musical instrument, there are a lot of types, sizes, and brands. One such instrument is a melodica. It is a known fact that those freed, small versions of piano come in many varieties, suiting different needs, made of different materials and varying in range and number of octaves. If you are thinking about what you should choose as your first instrument, going for melodica would be a wise choice owing to the fact that it is quite harmonic, easy to learn and a versatile instrument.

The countless number of options make it a challenging task to choose the best melodica. To make it easier, here are a few factors you must consider before making a choice.


First, you require an adequate amount of knowledge about music because melodicas come in 2 or 3 octaves. 2 is for the beginners while 3 is usually for the advanced players to play more varieties of chords. If you are a beginner, you can narrow down your options to melodicas having up to 2 octaves. If you have been playing it for a while, you have the flexibility to choose to have the number of octaves you are comfortable with. Besides that, consider those with key sizes that suit your fingers and playing patterns.


The second thing you must look for in a melodica is its price. If you are a beginner, choose from the affordable range. If you are an advanced player, you can figure out your budget and buy one accordingly, keeping in mind the details of the one you played before it.

Voice range

Thirdly, choose the voice range of your melodica. It can be Soprano which is the most common type and has the highest range or Alto which have a slightly lower range or Tenor with a deeper sound or Bass with an even lower range.


gdghd64The next factor that matters is the construction. The ones with the finer construction have a higher price but are worth every penny spent. While some are made of plastic, there are some made of wood. It does not make much difference in sound. The choice must be made according to the durability of the material.

Other factors that matter are the blowhole design and weight of the melodica as these are some key features that affect your comfort level.

Whether it is a melodica or any other instrument, a lot of factors must be considered before you buy one. But the most important thing to do is to read all the reviews, which are easily available on various websites, narrow down your choices and then pick one according to your comfort, ignoring which you might end up with an unusable piece of equipment.