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Vote for Atomic Highway and R.A.D.!
If you want Atomic Highway or R.A.D. to win an ENnie Award, please vote for us! It is your support that counts, and your vote that matters in the ENnies! Visit and make your voice heard, and if any of your friends really enjoy the game, give them a nudge that way too. You know you want to. 😉
Atomic Highway Nominated for ENnie Award!

Atomic Highway has been nominated for the Best Rules ENnie Award 2010! R.A.D. is humbled and excited by this news, and is proud to be recognized among so many other excellent games! The full listing can be seen here:
The Fan Choice award for Best Publisher is also up for grabs, so if you want to vote for us, you can do so here:
Atomic Highway Nominated for Indie RPG Awards 2009
As if the ENnie wasn’t stunning enough on its own, Atomic Highway has also been listed for the Indie RPG 2009 Awards. Suffice to say, R.A.D. is awed and gobsmacked! The listing of fantastic entries can be seen here:
Your ION Guard Illustrated!
To celebrate the success of the BASH edition of ION Guard, and the impending release of the ICONS edition, Jess is offering his services as an illustrator to depict your ION Guard! Your character can look this cool for only $15!
What do you need to do? Contact Jess via e-mail at orc_chief_jess[at]hotmail[dot]com with details of what you want your ION Guard to look like (and how you want their standard uniform styled), and he’ll give you the details for the Paypal payment as well as discuss which image format and resolution you’d prefer.
The image will belong to you (it’s your character after all), and I can testify that Jess is awesome and easy to communicate and work with.
ION Guard – BASH! Edition now available on RPGNow & DriveThruRPG!
Well? What are you waiting for? Buy it at DriveThruStuff!
Web Enhancement 4 for Atomic Highway has been updated
Head over to the Freebies page for the latest download: The Steel Beak & Flesh Ivy.
Coming in August!

ION Guard
ION Guard Cover (low res)
The Intergalactic Ordinance Network (ION) Guard is a heroic peacekeeping organization that has served to protect and defend the intelligent species of the many sectors of the Universe for the last billion years.
Dedicated to protecting sapient races against disaster, villainy, and intergalactic criminality, the ION Guard is a force for justice with an illustrious history, whose members have acted as investigators, peacekeepers, law enforcers, mediators, defenders, and aid workers throughout the Universe.
Each Guardsman — wearing the iconic golden ION Fist that has become synonymous with justice for many intergalactic inhabitants — is a cosmic powerhouse, capable of bringing the vast forces of an artificially harnessed singularity to bear against the enemies of peace, justice, and life.
Throughout the Universe they strive against evil and darkness. Though powerful, they are spread all too thin: they are but small lights, beacons of hope in the vast darkness enfolding the stars.
To be a Guardsman is to serve the Universe and a cause far greater than any one individual. To be a Guardsman is to wield incredible power with awesome responsibility. To be a Guardsman is to bravely face tremendous foes and staggering odds, no matter how overwhelming, when fighting the good fight.
Let evil fear the ION Guard!
ION Guard is the first issue of the ION Space line of licensed supplements for ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying by Adamant Entertainment! ION Space will introduce alien species and empires, interplanetary organizations, and galactic empires, and cosmic threats. Each ION Space issue may be slotted into your existing ICONS campaign individually, or woven together to provide a vast and expanding outer space setting for your heroes to explore…and defend!
ION Guard is also being produced for Basic Action Games!’ BASH! Ultimate Edition RPG –
ION Guard BASH Cover (low res)
ICONS and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Steve Kenson and Adamant Entertainment, and are used under license. See for more information on ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying.
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