Choosing the Best Musician for your Big Day

A wedding without an incredible music performance may be termed as incomplete to some of your guest. So if you planning a wedding then you might want to consider hiring a good musician to grace the occasion. But how do you find that perfect musician who has the potential to entertain your guests to the maximum? Well, that is a question that many people ask themselves when planning for their big event. The following guideline can be of great help as far wedding musician is concerned.

Know Your Music

musicThe first thing that you need to do is to identify the genre of the music that you think will best suit your wedding day. Once that is done, then you will need to list down all the musicians that you know in that particular genre. Take to closely examine each one of them until you find the one that you think will serve you to the best level possible. You also need to look at the past performance. If that performance impresses you, then you can go ahead and hire such musicians.

Consider Reputation

Good musicians who can make your big day a memorable one will always have a good reputation. The reputation is a confirmation that those people who have had to use the musician services were pleased with the services. You also need to remember that a wedding day is your big day and therefore you will not have time to handle scandals. Some musicians are always in scandals and those are the type that you need to avoid by all means possible. Hiring a musician who has a good reputation will put you away from such circumstances.

Talk to Friends

Family members and friends can provide you with precious information that you would not have found anywhere. So it is important to share with them your intentions of looking for a good musician for they can be of great help. It is, however, important to do that knowing that the final decision will come from you.

Contact the Musician

musicOnce you have done all your research and you feel that you have found the right person for you, the next thing to do is to contact them. Tell them about your plans and what you want them to do for you. You need to do this early to avoid a situation where a musician turns you down. If you contact them early, you will be able to adjust and get another musician who is willing to work with you.

Visual Arts of Asia

Asia is a land filled with wonders. It is a large and vast area that is overflowed with richness. It is a continent rich in history, culture, traditions, and arts. With the wide space and area it covers, it is no wonder Asia is so wealthy in all these things. Each area has their own special and uniques stamp on them. With different people owning different arts, the land of Asia is packed with the wonderful, incredible, magnificent, and amazing arts. With all the different types of arts there are out there, in this article, we would like to focus on visual arts. Visual arts is the study and creation of beauty that relates to our visual senses, which are our eyes. Here are some visual arts from different parts of Asia that you should know about:

East Asia

east asian artIn East Asia, we will be discussing the visual arts of Japan, China, and Korea. In Japan, there are lots of evolving arts. Some of them that you should take note is Japanese calligraphy, Nihonga, as well as fusion Ikebana sculpture from Japan. Regarding China, it is rich with different traditional and contemporary pieces. There are a lot of beautiful Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese ceramics, as well as Chinese sculptures from jade. When it comes to Korean, its art is known for incorporating Korean traditions in calligraphy, pottery, sculpture, painting, and others. Its work is usually marked with the utilization of natural forms, bold colors, surface decoration, as well as precise shape and scale.

South Asia

When it comes to South Asia, let’s discuss the visual arts of India and Nepal. In India, there is a popular art form called Rangoli, which is a type of sandpainting which uses white powder and other colors. Its visual arts, which includes sculptures, paintings, and architecture are tightly correlated with other arts. They evolve in their respective media. However, they share the same spiritual beliefs and procedures where relationships of the spiritual states and symbols are worked out specifically and in detail. In Nepal, it enforces the refined and traditional Kathmandu culture, which is a meeting of the ethos of the Hindu and Buddhist. Highly religious people mostly practice it. It has also embraced the cultural diversity of other religions.

South East Asia

south east asian artWhen it comes to South East Asian traditional visual arts, each of them is tightly linked to their tradition and history. When we talk about South East Asia, we will be discussing Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. When it comes to Thailand, it is most famous for their architecture and sculptures. It is mostly traditional Buddhist and Royal art. When it comes to Indonesia, there is an array of various arts since it is very rich. Each part of Indonesia has their distinct art form from woodworking, sculptures, paintings, and architecture. When it comes to Vietnam, there are lots of artforms. However, the most famous one is its Vietnamese calligraphy.


Corporate Entertainment Agencies: Why You Need One

Planning and organizing a corporate vent is not an easy task as such. It needs a lot of planning here and there including the entertainment sector. Usually, corporate events are held with the aim of strengthening teams and also improving company culture. During this time the attendees re ale to me different people from different diversities and will increase their networking. However, the task to make the successful event is breathtaking ad needs good organization. The vent will also need entertainment because this will lay a significant role in ensuring the guest are not bored.

Entertainment will ensure everybody is glued to the program of the day since they are awakened by all the entertainment. Usually, entertainment is incorporated in the main event like for example after a speech some entertainers will come to the stage and do other things. To get lively entertainers, you will need to hire a corporate entertainment agency like clean comedians which will be in charge of all the entertainment part. It will know what to present to the guests. There are many benefits of hiring corporate entertainment agencies as discussed in this article.

They offer a variety of artists

In a corporate event, there are different types of people, and each person loves his or her kind of erwwentertainment. For this reason, it will be a good idea to have a variety of artists performing. Corporate entertainment agencies will offer you great artists who will have a variety of talents to showcase. This is because the agencies are also in the search for new talents. The agency you hire will provide you with entertainment from magicians, comedians, public speakers, actors, and dancers. With this variety, every guest will be entertained.

Knowledge of the best entertainment

bnfhrCorporate entertainment agencies have a good understanding of the entertainment sector, and with this information, they will help you book artists for the event. This aspect will ensure you get the best artists who will give the event is corporate feel. On the other hand, the agencies will help you negotiate with artists because they have the experience of how to pay them. This will ensure you don’t pay too much for entertainment.

They can customize the show

Working with a corporate agency will enable you to have entertainment which is based on the theme of the event. The agency will customize their entertainment to fit in with the event topic. For example, a comedian will be able to incorporate the theme of the event in the jokes he or she will be presenting.


How to Spice up Your Sweet Sixteen

For girls sweet sixteen is considered something divine for their life as turning sixteen means that you’re blossoming on the final stage of womanhood. Nowadays, many people celebrate sweet seventeen by holding a party, be it in a hotel or a venue, depending on where they want it to be held. If you’re a parent or a girl who’s thinking to plan a sweet seventeen party, then worry no more.
In this article we’ve listed on several ways on how to spice up your sweet seventeen, consider reading this article to know what those ways are.

Photo Booth

CameraThe first tip on spicing up a sweet sixteen party is to hire a photographer or a photo booth because what better way to preserve a precious event than having a photo of it?
A Flying Camera is a photography service that would be more than happy to be hired for your sweet sixteen parties. If you want to give souvenirs for your guests, consider hiring one.

Tip: Consider hiring a packaged bundle, a photo booth with a photographer, which usually will be much cheaper. Also, consider negotiating to get a lower price.

Get the Music Going

MicrophoneAnother thing to spice up your sweet sixteen parties is by hiring a DJ and making sure that the music keeps on playing. If by any chance you’re trying to look for a DJ for your party, consider looking for recommendations on the internet or ask your friends or family when you’re looking for a DJ.
A cheaper option is to look for someone that can play for you, possibly someone that you know so you can haggle for a lower price and not to mention it’s much more flexible than renting a DJ.

Choose a Theme

Instead of the standard dresses to go to a birthday party, consider choosing another theme. Perhaps a pajama party, or maybe you have to wear a costume to the party, consider looking around for ideas in case you want to choose a theme for the party, make sure that it’s realistic though.

Add Some Games

Another tip on adding some spice to the party is by adding some games, such as mini-games that will undoubtedly get the attention of your sweet sixteen parties. Games such as twister and musical chair might be an excellent way to get the party going. When in doubt, consider consulting to friends and family on ideas for the party.

Selecting the Right Record Player

The right record player is one of the greatest additions that you could add to your home. Since there are lots of record players out there, it is important to carefully make a selection so that you choose the correct one. Understanding the different parts of a record player could help you make the right choice as far as the record player is concerned. This article explores the different things to look out for when you are selecting the right record player.


cost You need to have a budget before you embark on selecting the right recording equipment. Having a budget will help you manage your finances well since there are different types of record players which have different pricing.

One way of ensuring that you plan accordingly as far as the cost is concerned is by researching on the various record players. Use the internet to check for the market prices of the different record players so that the unscrupulous sellers do not exploit you because of your ignorance.

Automatic or manual

There are two types of record players: the automatic ones and the manual ones. The automatic models are the newer models are relative, the easier model to operate as compared to the manual ones. However, many people prefer the manual ones because it gives them the real experience of recording as they can physically execute some of the tasks. During the recording process, the tonearm is moved while the needle is placed on the record.


The signal that is usually produced by the record player is typically weak and has to be amplified before being fed in a speaker. This is where the preamp comes into focus. As for the preamp, it can either be an external one or an internal one. An internal preamp is inbuilt into the record player. Most of the automatic record players come with the internal preamp whereas the manual ones do not have the preamp which calls for the use of the external ones.

Direct or belt drive

belt drive This issue has split the opinion of the various users’ right in the middle. There are those who love the direct drive whereas there are those who love the belt drive. However, the record players that use a combination of the two produce great sounds. Such record players are usually costlier than those with a single drive. Watch the video below for the best tips when selecting the right record player.

Tips When Buying Your First RC Drift Cars

When buying your first RC car, there are some factors to look at so that you end up with the perfect vehicle. Some of the major considerations include the type of the car, how it is powered, the size, if it is ready to run or you will build it yourself and if you will be using it for racing. Since there are very many designs to select from, you need to be fully prepared for the best choice. It would not feel right if you wasted your money on the wrong purchase. This article will give you additional tips to look at when buying your first RC cars.

Get value for your money

RC car, accessories, remoteIn your search for rc drift cars, you will notice that some companies are offering their products at cheap fee compared to others of the same type. There is this saying that you get what you pay for. Well, it is true. If you go with a very cheap car, you will end up getting a cheaply made vehicle, one that will need accessories from time to time or with poor performance. Cheap is expensive. If you decide to buy a cheap car now, you will end up spending a lot more in the future. I would conclude by saying, do not buy cheap.

Buy from your local hobby shop

Yes, there are advantages got from buying an RC car online, but I would recommend that you make the local hobby shop your friend. The local shop guy will help you choose your first car, and they will help you in using your car. Always purchase from a shop loaded with inventory and staff. It is best if you look up to them for guidance and create a relationship.

Parts support

broken RC drift carEven the most expensive cars can turn out useless if you cannot get their spare parts. The RC cars will break, and you will have to get them fixed. The breakage is normal; their buying price does not affect it in any way. In your purchase of the first car, make sure that their spare parts are readily available. Make sure that the person or store which sold you the car has the spare parts. This way, you will decide if to buy from them or not. The above are among the most important things to look at when buying your first RC drift car.

Musical instruments: A guide

To imagine a life without music is a hard thing to do. Music is an escape from our mundane life. We human beings often find ourselves in a state where we are only left with music to vent to. The different kinds of music we enjoy are only possible due to musicians and musical instruments. While playing any kind of musical instrument is not an easy thing to do, choosing one isn’t easy too.

From what researchers have analyzed a lot of times, it can be concluded that playing a musical instrument can help in alleviating stress by lowering down the stress hormone in our body. Enjoying music is good, but learning an instrument can bring about a lot of change in your life. It is never too late to start learning. With a proper training and a good instrument, one can master the art. The first thing to do before starting to learn an instrument is to find the right instrument for you. The Internet is where you can look for all kinds of reviews. There are websites that collect the reviews and data from various sources and put it together to help you choose your perfect musical instrument.

The right musical instrument

Whether you are a beginner in the musical field or an experienced musician in some band, choosing the right musical instrument is always difficult. You can go through an overwhelming lot of instruments yourself, shortlist the ones you think are the most suitable, and then read a compilation of reviews of those brands from the Internet.



For every musical instrument, there are a lot of types, sizes, and brands. One such instrument is a melodica. It is a known fact that those freed, small versions of piano come in many varieties, suiting different needs, made of different materials and varying in range and number of octaves. If you are thinking about what you should choose as your first instrument, going for melodica would be a wise choice owing to the fact that it is quite harmonic, easy to learn and a versatile instrument.

The countless number of options make it a challenging task to choose the best melodica. To make it easier, here are a few factors you must consider before making a choice.


First, you require an adequate amount of knowledge about music because melodicas come in 2 or 3 octaves. 2 is for the beginners while 3 is usually for the advanced players to play more varieties of chords. If you are a beginner, you can narrow down your options to melodicas having up to 2 octaves. If you have been playing it for a while, you have the flexibility to choose to have the number of octaves you are comfortable with. Besides that, consider those with key sizes that suit your fingers and playing patterns.


The second thing you must look for in a melodica is its price. If you are a beginner, choose from the affordable range. If you are an advanced player, you can figure out your budget and buy one accordingly, keeping in mind the details of the one you played before it.

Voice range

Thirdly, choose the voice range of your melodica. It can be Soprano which is the most common type and has the highest range or Alto which have a slightly lower range or Tenor with a deeper sound or Bass with an even lower range.


gdghd64The next factor that matters is the construction. The ones with the finer construction have a higher price but are worth every penny spent. While some are made of plastic, there are some made of wood. It does not make much difference in sound. The choice must be made according to the durability of the material.

Other factors that matter are the blowhole design and weight of the melodica as these are some key features that affect your comfort level.

Whether it is a melodica or any other instrument, a lot of factors must be considered before you buy one. But the most important thing to do is to read all the reviews, which are easily available on various websites, narrow down your choices and then pick one according to your comfort, ignoring which you might end up with an unusable piece of equipment.

Why buy a scooter for your child

Children love having fun during their free time. Different kids have their ways of having fun in the field. Some play football; others do biking and skating among other fun practices. Boys love engaging in charged activities some of which may be risky. This explains why the boy child gets injured most compared to the girls. Children also love adventure as part of their pass time activities. Going to the woods with their hunting dogs and climbing trees can be some of the adventurous activities. Every child yearns for that perfect birthday gift that they will show off before their friends.

Biking and skating were regarded as the common pass time activities, but kids nowadays have adopted the practice of scooting. Scooters have gained much liking from kids because of its comfort and how it requires less energy peddling it. Those who would like to own a new bike can look into scooter reviews for 2017 and understand which is best for their children. Don’t be that parent who loves seeing their children always indoors. Let them have their fun with other kids. Here are a few reasons why you should buy your child or introduce them to scooters.


Physical fitness

Buying a scooter for your child prompts their physical fitness because of the exercise that comes with riding them.002Children tend to eat a lot of junk and do less exercise; this exposes them to diseases brought about by consuming excess sugar and fats. They also help to burn fats and break down excess blood sugar. Scooting can also assist in the growth of muscles. Controlling it and navigating through the streets peddling is helps in stretching your muscles. The activities conducted when riding a scooter help in physical growth and reduce laziness in children.


Learning of new skills

Children get to acquire new skills that will assist them in the future. The act of balancing on a scooter can help children learn how to balance on a bigger bike when they acquire one in the future. Navigating through the streets and new paths will help them learn how to dodge heavy traffic or divert to different ways using the bikes they will get to ride as they grow. Their hard steering can also help children learn how to steer any bike that they may own in future.

Affordable price


Scooters come at slightly fair prices compared to bikes, skateboards and other fun equipment for kids. Parents are encouraged to buy them because they better their children in a general way. You can also get second-hand scooters at a fair price in different platforms. They do come in good condition together with its protective gear.

Reasons for using a modeling agency

Some models may not see the need of using a modeling agency but it is very essential to be enrolled in one if you want to sky rocket your career. In addition to enhancing your career, they provide safety to their models. The internet has opened up many opportunities for everyone including models but it has also exposed them to many dangers. This article outlines why as a model it is important to be represented by a legitimate agency

Importance of models using agencies

They ensure you are safe

A legitimate agency will often have solid established relationships with their clients. Therefore, the agency will know who you are working with, where you are working and most importantly, your safety is of primary concern to them therefore they will always address it. Most agencies screen and verify the people that their models are working with to ensure that they are in safe hands. This is unlike a model that is in charge of their own. Meeting people to work with via the internet blindly is a risky undertaking because sometimes they may not be genuine and they may mean more harm than good.

More job opportunities

Some of the top brands and clients use agencies to get models to work for them. Therefore, enrolling in agency exposes you to more job opportunities as compared to models that are not in any agency. For instance, if you are a good model, you could be recommended to these top brands and that is how easy you get a booking. Being in the vicinity of the models, agents, bookers and other influential bodies will increase your chances of getting good jobs and deals.

International exposure

The modeling agencies can represent their models in different markets. It is not uncommon for scouts for modeling agencies to visit different parts of the world to get models who they feel that they have potential. Even if you are in a local location, the scouts will often move around in search of new faces. Furthermore, most of the good models are recognized by being at the right place at the right time.

You will get paid what you deserve

When working with a professional agency, they will ensure that you get paid for what you have worked for. The agencies know how much each and every job and they have their share of experience with the clients. Therefore, they will ensure that there is a contract with guidelines that will be followed by both parties.

Factors to consider when choosing a modeling agency

Many people assume that modeling is an easy task and that it is an easy ground for scams and illegitimacy. While some agencies can be questioned, there are many credible agencies out there, and it may take hard work and determination to get them. This article has compiled some of the most important considerations that should be put in mind when looking for an agency that suits.

Tips for choosing a modeling agency

Research on the agencies

As we have mentioned above, there are plenty of credible agencies that could help you to grow in your career. Therefore, if you want to thrive, do not hesitate to do your research on the free companies. Look at the different modeling agencies through their websites and check the services that they offer. Do not forget to look at the reviews from the models that have worked with the agencies before and see how their experience was with them. A successful project with them is an indication of how good they are.

Do not believe everything you hear

Not all good agencies will have 100% good reviews. This is because many critics may have the intentions of defaming a good company. Therefore, you have to be smart while in the comments section. Sieve through the comments and distinguish between the true reviews from the false ones from internet trolls. To confirm the comments, you can go to the agency yourself and talk to the people there. That will give you first-hand experience with them, and if you are a good judge of character, you will know what kind of an agency they are.

Type of talent agency

When looking for an agency, ensure that you have confirmed about the type of talent that they cover and if they suit your needs. Different agencies offer different opportunities, therefore, find out if the agency that you want to choose offers the opportunities that suit your needs and style. Look at their past projects so that you can have an idea of what shoots to expect and if they suit your style.

Enquire about the bookers’ expertise

Most agencies will often have interviews with their models. Take that opportunity to find out about the bookers. Find out if they have specialized in your area of expertise. Very few companies will offer an immediate opportunity. This is because they need to take their time to review and liaise you with the area that they feel suits you best.


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Dedicated to protecting sapient races against disaster, villainy, and intergalactic criminality, the ION Guard is a force for justice with an illustrious history, whose members have acted as investigators, peacekeepers, law enforcers, mediators, defenders, and aid workers throughout the Universe.
Each Guardsman — wearing the iconic golden ION Fist that has become synonymous with justice for many intergalactic inhabitants — is a cosmic powerhouse, capable of bringing the vast forces of an artificially harnessed singularity to bear against the enemies of peace, justice, and life.
Throughout the Universe they strive against evil and darkness. Though powerful, they are spread all too thin: they are but small lights, beacons of hope in the vast darkness enfolding the stars.
To be a Guardsman is to serve the Universe and a cause far greater than any one individual. To be a Guardsman is to wield incredible power with awesome responsibility. To be a Guardsman is to bravely face tremendous foes and staggering odds, no matter how overwhelming, when fighting the good fight.
Let evil fear the ION Guard!
ION Guard is the first issue of the ION Space line of licensed supplements for ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying by Adamant Entertainment! ION Space will introduce alien species and empires, interplanetary organizations, and galactic empires, and cosmic threats. Each ION Space issue may be slotted into your existing ICONS campaign individually, or woven together to provide a vast and expanding outer space setting for your heroes to explore…and defend!
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