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The Atomic Highway pdf is now free to download! Atomic Highway and its fans have been really good to me these two years since its release, so I felt it was time to release AH into the wild, so to speak. Now, anyone who wants to check it out can grab it for free at DriveThruRPG, in perpetuity.
Grab it from DriveThruRPG!

And while you're there, Irradiated Freaks is now down to $4.99. What have you got to lose?

Coming in 2012...

ION Guard - Alien Empires Cover (low res)

On the horizon: ION GUARD - Alien Empires!
The next installment of the ION Space line, Alien Empires provides details on 15 alien species and their homeworlds, several new cosmic villains, and more! BASH and ICONS editions will be available!

ION Guard - Alien Empires Cover (low res)